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How to fix your biggest fraud problems with PIPL'S professional search 

Problem 1- Email and Mobile phone coverage

Finding out who’s behind an email address or mobile phone number can be crucial in fraud decisions and many fraud tool providers lack in either one or the other.


PIPL's professional search allows fraud analysts to easily learn who's behind over 1 billion emails and over 1 billion phone numbers- mostly mobile.

Problem 2- Global coverage

Most anti-fraud tools only cover customers in North America and Europe, but lack information on customers from booming markets, such as India and Brazil.


PIPL offers great global coverage covering over 3 billion people!

Problem 3- Trusting machines 

Today, many fraud vendors are trying to convince merchants to trust machines and inflexible rules to cover many different situations that might indicate fraud.


Why not buy a solution that makes your own fraud prevention team more valuable contributors to the company’s bottom-line?

Global coverage

PIPL offers great coverage on over 3 billion people worldwide!

Most complete results

Including personal & work emails, mobile phone numbers and premium sources.

No setup or integration

Get started right away with PIPL Pro's easy-to-use web based search engine UI.

Some great companies that chose to use PIPL

Fight fraud with the most powerful people search engine in the world

Fight fraud with The most powerful people search engine in the world

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* Used by 10 of the top 10 U.S e-retailers